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MAVRO is the world's first decetralized and totaly transparent MLM system. Investing in Mavro you will get the famous Mavro tickets in a more technologically and modern way - you get the tokens. The price of which will increase with the growth of the company.

Go to mavro.org. The registration is available here.

It does not matter what country you are from, if you want to become a leader in your country, you can create a group of like-minded people. Please find a 'Parters' link on top of the website and follow the instructions there to become an official one. Actually, in the age of the Internet, the participant's territorial location has absolutely no value at all. Fill in the Partnership Form

Just sell your MAVRO tokens on one of available exchanges. (Well, at least a part of them.) This can be done at any time and without any restrictions.

In your personal account. Or on any Ether wallet. Your transactions are synchronized in the blockchain system.

You can acquire Mavro Tokens by following the registration procedure. Before the Pre-Sale you will have to add your Ethereum Wallet, activate Google 2FA (optional) for security reasons and follow the acquision procedure in your personal account. All the instructions are available in your personal account.

Now MMM is decentralized and works on the blockchain system. The system will never collapse, because now the human factor is completely excluded. All transactions are transparent and the funds are distributed among all participants. You also receive tokens instantly.

During PRE-SALE Phase (21st of January, 2018 - 21st of February, 2018) you will be able to acquire MAVRO Tokens using ETH or BTC. During ICO Phase (15th of March, 2018 - 15th of April, 2018) you will be able to acquire MAVRO Tokens using ETH, BTC, BCC, DASH, LTC.

Your account balance will be updated immediately after 2 blockchain confirmations.

MAVRO Cryptocurrency does not contradict any legislative acts. The law does not limit the right of people to dispose of their property at their discretion. There is no illegal activity here.

As he says himself - "civic duty". His goal, he calls the financial apocalypse, the destruction of the existing world financial system and the construction of a fair reality.

Mavrodi invented a tool that provides very great opportunities, but most people are not yet fully aware of how to use it. Mavrodi explains to us how to use this complex instrument. This is its function: We ourselves are the owners of the instrument.

All who now use people to gain profits: bankers, the most of the governments, oligarchs. They are trying to hamper the activities of Sergey Mavrodi, conducting an information war through the media which is under their control. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain information from different sources, analyze it, independently argue and make decisions. Do not listen to what they say. Think freely and independently.

You can take part if you are 18+ years old.

It is enought to use your email address.

Anonymity is the basis of the cryptocurrency.

Participation without investments is possible at the moment. You can register and build your multi-level structure. However, due to the large number of participants, in the near future registration will be available only to investors.

Amount of tokens per one person: 470.000 MVR. Minimum transaction amount: 0.01 ETH. Maximum transaction amount: 100 ETH for 1 investor.

Blockchain is an open and decentralized system that can effectively register and constantly check transactions between two parties. Despite its simplicity, the basic technology of blocking provides decentralization, openness, and security to any interaction processes.

Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies that are encrypted (protected) using cryptography. Cryptography is one of the methods of encryption to ensure and verify the transfer of transactions. Altcoins are any coins that are an alternative to bitcoin. Tokens are certain assets that are interchangeable and available.